Welcome to the official website for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Department of the Air Force (DAF), Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), Main Operating Base 5 (MOB 5) beddown of the new KC-46A tanker aircraft.
Announcement: In accordance with 32 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 989.19 (3)(e), the Department of the Air Force (DAF) is seeking additional public comments on the KC-46A Main Operating Base 5 (MOB 5) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) due to the development of significant new information of a relevant nature. The 45-day public review and comment period extends from January 19, 2024 to March 11, 2024. After the KC-46A MOB 5 Draft EIS was published, the DAF revised the Floodplain Assessment dated December 11, 2023. The revised assessment identifies that implementation of the KC-46A MOB 5 mission at March Air Reserve Base (ARB) would result in construction in the floodplain. The Revised Draft EIS is available on the DOCUMENTATION menu item of this website and hard copies of the EIS are available at the libraries listed below. The Revised Draft EIS and the Revised Draft EIS comment form and additional information are accessible by clicking the DOCUMENTATION menu item on the website navigation area above. Please use this website to keep updated on the status of this project.
This website allows the DAF to share information with the public through the EIS process. During the public review periods, this website will be available to accept comments from the public on EIS documents (see below). Your participation in this process will assist the DAF with the identification and evaluation of your environmental concerns regarding the proposed AFRC KC-46A MOB 5 mission.

The DAF invites you to participate in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. Opportunities for public participation in the NEPA process are shown on the Schedule page. The DAF prepared the Draft EIS and Revised Draft EIS to assess the environmental consequences that could result from the beddown and operation of 12 Primary Aerospace Vehicles Authorized (PAA) KC-46A aircraft, facility and infrastructure development, and personnel changes at one DAF base in the continental United States (CONUS) where the AFRC conducts global tanker missions. The Draft EIS, Revised Draft EIS, the NOAs, the comment form and additional information are accessible by clicking the DOCUMENTATION menu item on the website navigation area above. The Revised Draft EIS is available at the following libraries:

The Preferred Alternative is:
The Reasonable Alternatives are:
Along with the No Action Alternative, all three beddown alternatives have been equally evaluated in the EIS.

During the public review and comment period, the Revised Draft EIS will be available at the following libraries.

March ARB Tinker AFB Grissom ARB
Moreno Valley Public Library, Iris Plaza Branch  (Google Map)
16170 Perris Blvd., Suite C3
Moreno Valley, CA 92551
Midwest City Public Library  (Google Map)
8143 E. Reno Ave.
Midwest City, OK 73110-7589
Peru Public Library  (Google Map)
102 East Main
Peru, IN 46970
Perris Branch Library  (Google Map)
163 E San Jacinto Avenue
Perris, CA 92570
Del City Library  (Google Map)
4330 SE 15th Street
Del City, OK 73115
Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Main  (Google Map)
220 N. Union
Kokomo, IN 46901

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Public participation is an integral part of this project. Your input is valuable and assists the Department of the Air Force in making better-informed decisions.

Comments can be mailed to the address listed below or submitted electronically to Mr. Austin Naranjo, AFCEC/CZN, afcec.czn.nepacenter@us.af.mil.

13397 Lakefront Drive; Suite 100
Earth City, MO 63045

Project Contacts:

Grissom ARB Public Affairs - (765) 688-3348
March ARB Public Affairs - (951) 655-4137
Tinker AFB Public Affairs - (405) 739-202
Tinker AFB Public Affairs - after hours – (405) 734-7313