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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is our national mandate for making informed decisions while considering environmental consequences. When federal agencies propose projects having the potential to impact the environment or socioeconomic resources, NEPA requires the following process be undertaken as part of the planning process before final decisions are made:

(1)  evaluation and consideration of potential environmental consequences, and;

(2)  consideration of public and government agency comment.

The schedule below shows the process that the DAF went through for the KC-46A MOB 5 EIS.

With signature of the ROD, this process is now complete.

The DAF appreciates your involvement and participation in the decision-making process.


Public participation is an integral part of this project. Your input is valuable and assists the Department of the Air Force in making better-informed decisions.

Comments can be mailed to the address listed below or submitted electronically to Mr. Austin Naranjo, AFCEC/CZN, afcec.czn.nepacenter@us.af.mil.

13397 Lakefront Drive; Suite 100
Earth City, MO 63045

Project Contacts:

Grissom ARB Public Affairs - (765) 688-3348
March ARB Public Affairs - (951) 655-4137
Tinker AFB Public Affairs - (405) 739-202
Tinker AFB Public Affairs - after hours – (405) 734-7313